Our Story

There are no Greg Normans or Tiger Woods here, but a few family members are coming together to work through some tragic events on the golf course. Golf was a way to 'Zen' and built healthy comradeship and competition between friends. This competition had its regulars and its blow-ins. Over time it has expanded from a battle of handicaps to the fashions on the greens. This kickstarted the conversation around the lack of available or suitable golf fashions in our area of Far North Queensland.  There were many times the golf crew would turn up on a Saturday morning ready to tee off and show off our new polo purchases, only to find another with the same shirt. For co-founder Glenn, this was a concern, and he decided to go to work on fixing it. 

One night, over a beer (or 3) and a north Qld sunset, Glenn expressed his concerns about the lack of fun and comfortable golf polos available. After the initial laughter expected from a wife listening to a man complain about 'not enough clothes to wear, the duo put their heads together and decided to Tee Off and give this new course a go! And that is how the golfer and 'off the green' caddie set to work creating the golfing paraphernalia: Get It Golf.


We hope you enjoy our apparel as much as we have enjoyed the journey of creating them. 


We aim to create apparel that is not only quality and comfortable but uplifts any day just by wearing them.