Golf Affair

Golf Affair

August 24, 2022

Our love for each other started like any new relationship; a couple of drinks and social outings as we got to know each other more. By our 3rd date, we started getting comfortable, and I formally introduced ‘her’ to my buddies, who were there from the start and supported this new unexplained love.

It was strange to think that my mates would allow this regular meet-cute to occur… see my mates are my wife’s brother and nephew … but alas, they said wifey would approve and, after all, if you can’t trust family, who can you trust?

Now I am here to introduce you to her too... Everyone, meet Golf. Golf, meet everyone. Although I hear, I am not the only one who gets to play on this green…

Golf has had to endure the mild to excessive banter that we blokes like to call ‘shit talk’, and it is usually on par with a funny unconventional game. When I say unconventional, I think we have crossed paths with Golfers that share two sets of clubs between 3 players, the bogey trifecta team and our all-time favourite, the Hookers & Slicers. As much as we try, at the start, we all humbly say our willingness to try makes up for our lack of golf etiquette.

I am happy to say; I am now in a steady relationship with my local golf course, Gordonvale Golf Club. She doesn’t care if I stray or meet other courses as she knows I will come back and that I appreciate her patience and resilience. I can also say, I finally own my clubs (Yep, I was that Golf buddy!), and I proudly mark my relationship status as ‘Golfing’.


How did you meet your love? Was it a graceful start, or was it the longest green mile you ever walked?

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